2017 Upper Hutt Hockey Club Awards (Senior)

Team Coach Manager    
Women's UH1 (P3) Nicky Sherriff Jane Hirst    
Women's UH2 (R1) Danella Rennie Rebecca Dobbs    
Women's UH3 (R3)   Karen Gooding    
Men's UH1 (P3) Mark Petersen Paul O'Halloran    
Men's UH2 (R1) Kerry Scannell Blair Scannell    
Men's UH3 (R3)   David Yorston    
Women's UH1 - P3 UH2 - P3.2 UH3 - R2B  
Most Outstanding  Lucy Dunce  Karey Stokes  Kelly Porter  Lucy Dunce
Most Dependable  Emma Waddle  Emily Latham-Prokopowicz  Karen Gooding

 Emily Latham-Prokopowicz

Most Improved  Georgia Lloyd  Katie Tortise  Fiona Ochsner  Katie Tortise
Men's UH1 - P2 UH2 - R1 UH3 - R3  
Most Oustanding  Paul Hamlin  Thomas Sumner  Harrison Bealing  Paul Hamlin
Most Dependable  Jake Hamlin  Jason Archibald  Robert Roos  Jason Archibald
Most Improved  Padcraig McCready  Bryan Bagnall  Aaron George  Aaron George
Top Goal Scorer        Paul Hamlin (19)
Women's UH1 (P3)  Nicolette de Haan (15)      
Women's UH2 (R1)  Djordaine Jack-Kino (6)      
Women's UH3 (R3)  Kelly Porter (8)      
Men's UH1 (P3)  Paul Hamlin (19)      
Men's UH2 (R1)  Blair Scannell (12)      
Men's UH3 (R3)  Nathaniel Plester (16)      
Hat Trick        
Women's UH1 (P3)  Nicolette de Haan, Georgia Lloyd      
Women's UH2 (P3.2)      
Women's UH3 (R2B)  Karen Gooding      
Men's UH1 (P3)  Paul Hamlin, Issac Taylor Boon      
Men's UH2 (R1)  Blair Scannell      
Men's UH3 (R3)  Dave Yorsten      
Player Reps        
Wellington Masters (W40) Andrew Herrick, Raph Coulon      
Wellington Masters (W50) Leanne Dawson      
Masters Other Regions Debbie Woolcott (Canterbury)      
Umpire Reps        
 Hockey NZ – U15  Girls Premier Tournament   Ashley Hanaray      
10 Year Mug  Paul de Haan, Tony de Barr      
20 Year Award  Debbie Woolcott      
Defence Award - Defence Member who contributes the most to the club        Mike Parry
Totara Cup -  Up and Coming Player        Harrison Bealing
Oustanding Contribution to Juniors        Cameron Leete
Personality Award - Overall personality of the year        Mike Waterman
Wills Johnson Trophy - Fairplay Award (Sportsperson of the Year)        Eleanor Cox
Hazelwood Cup - Most Dedicated Woman        Karen Gooding
Seaview Wools Trophy - Most Dedicated Man        Kerry Scannell
Binns Cup - Best Overall Team        R3 Men
President's Trophy - Most overall contribution to the club        Nicky Sherriff


2018 Upper Hutt Hockey Club Awards (Junior)
  P1 Boys Year 5/6 Premier Year 5/6 Black Magic Year 5/6 Silverstix Year 3/4 Mighty Maroons Year 3/4 Goldstix Year 3/4 Super Sticks
Team Trophies
Most Outstanding Player Mathew Parry Ashton Herrick Jamie Gwyn Liam Bateson Aurora Hannan Levi Symons Fletcher Cosslett
Most Dedicated Player Jared Woolcott Jozef Hall Sally Gilbert Layton Prince Jack Tily Jamie Higgins Joshua Kitchen
Most Improved Player Josh Timbs Troy Crout Ryan Grant Derepa Ephraim Lord Liam Durrant Sam Gray Ruby Meates
Coach and Manager certificates
Team Coach            
Team Manager          
Representative certificates
Wellington U13 A Hatch Cup Archie Cosslett Mathew Parry          
Wellington U13 B Curtis Cup Jared Woolcott Jacob Anderson (NRT)          
Major Trophies
Golden Whistle for Contribution to Junior Umpiring Sam Woolcott
UHHC Committee Award for Fair Play Fintin Rikj  
Presidents Trophy for Best Supporter Sandy Southey          
Field Cup for Most Outstanding Senior Player  Mathew Parry
Robbins Trophy for Most Outstanding Junior Player Ashton Herrick
Top Junior Team Year 5/6 Premier 
Top Senior Team P1 Boys


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