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Senior Club Game Results

Game 1- Competition Round 2, 15 July 2018

Our two P3 woman teams will no longer be playing on Wednesday night, P3.2 have defaulted which means our P3 woman win 5-0. Have a look at the Memorable Mentions and results for all our senior teams below: 


Senior results 15july

Memorable Mentions

P2 Men: P2 Warriors: 4-2 to Naenae. After a good first half and leading 2-1 had a few chances slip by in the second to go down 4-2. Still room for improvement as the season goes on and only a few good bits of hockey away from knocking off a few more scalps. Memorable mention for Cameron for running his guts out all game and snaking a goal in the first half. 


P3 Woman:  No game played this week - stay tuned for next week


P3.2 Woman:  We are disappointed to have had to default but we know that it was the best thing to do for our team and we look forward to returninng next weekend when we have our annual club weekend :)

R1 Men: Though we lost against Kapiti, the Memorable Mention goes to the entire team because Kapiti are 2nd on the table and we lost 6-0 last time we played them. We definitely keep improving each week.


R2 Woman:  MM to Julie McLennan who make her debut in our team this weekend and was awesome!!!


R3 Men:  Memorable moment: Lost opportunities on the post on two occasions where players swept at the ball and clean missed. It just shows what pressure can do. Well done to Miles Davison (RH) on both defence and attack. Well run.


Play hard

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Update 12/07/18

Club Events and Important Info


Club Day Weekend 

Have you seen the event on our Facebook page - 21st July and 22nd July

A weekend full of UHHC games at our home turf! Platters of food provided in the clubrooms after games. Bring a fold up chair and a chilli bin of fizzy drink or water and come and enjoy some great hockey all weekend!

SATURDAY games starting from 11.15 and SUNDAY starting from 11.15 until 3.30pm
Upper Hutt Hockey Club Keg Night
Following on from our awesome Club Day Weekend, that Saturday night on the 21st we are hosting a Give-a-keg event thanks to our friends at Panhead.

A fundraiser and generally jolly time with all your club bros and brosephs. Every pint you buy = mullah to the club!

Club teamies and anyone else who loves a good time invited to join us at the clubrooms for a downright good time.

All during our annual club weekend too?! UNREAL.

Platters, prizes and whatnot provided. Just bring that good cash money and your 50 closest pals.


Weekend Games

Our Juniors are on School Holidays which mean that they have a break from hockey for a few weeks.

Our Seniors enter the second round of the competition this weekend and our Woman's P3 and P3.2 teams are facing each other this week but due to the P3.2 team availability issues our top team have agreed to play on NEXT Wednesday the 18th at 6.45 pm. This also means we have NO teams playing hockey on Saturday as our R2 woman are playing Sunday this weekend.


For the rest of our Seniors weekends schedules keep scrolling down.


Senior Prize-Giving

We will be sending out a 'save the date' event from our Facebook page for our Prize-giving on the 29th September. Please make sure you let us know if you are attending so we can start our planning for a fun filled evening. More details to come as we get closer to the date.



Senior Club Games

Game 1- Competition Round 2,  15 and 18 July 2018

The weeks Senior games come and cheer them on. Play hard but play fair!


Sunday 15th July.



11:15 at Maidstone vs Kapiti 2M


P2 Men

12.45 at NHS 1 vs Naenae 2M


R2 Woman 

12:45 at Maidstone vs Hutt United 5W


R3 Men

15:30 at Elsdon vs Tawa 3M


Wednesday 18th July.


P3 Woman

18:45 at Maidstone vs Upper Hutt 2W


P3 Woman.2

18:45 at Maidstone vs Upper Hutt 1W




Junior Club Games

Junior's are on School Holidays so there is a break from training and games. weekends Junior games come and cheer them on. Play hard but play fair!




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Update 09/07/18


Junior Club Game Results

7 July 2018

Here are the results of our Junior Club games from the weekend:


Kwik Sticks Year 7 & 8 P1 Boys

Upper Hutt vs Kapiti

Result: Lost 2-3. The P1 year 7/8 boys had a fantastic game against Kapiti this week. The teams were evenly matched and it was an exciting game to watch! Strong passing and ball carriage lead to goals scored by Samuel Forbes and Rhône Haines. Fantastic defensive play was evident, with stand-out defensive strategy demonstrated by Jared Woolcott. The boys’ rapidly developing skill was obvious in this game and we are very proud of their consistently positive attitude. They all reported it was a fun game to play even though the final score was 3/2 to Kapiti.  


Kiwi Sticks Year 5 & 6 Premier

Upper Hutt vs Pauatahnui Falcons

Result: Void Match.


Hutt Kiwi Sticks 5 & 6 Development 

Upper Hutt Black Magic vs Hutt United Hurricanes

Result: Drew 1-1. Black Magic had a very close game on Saturday against the competitive Hutt Hurricanes. The score was 1 -1. Hutt scored first but then Kyle K scored a fantastic goal with a reverse stick and the scores were locked and they stayed that way for the rest of the game. Black Magic had two opportunities to score however we couldn't quite get the ball in the goal no matter how hard we tried. Ryan G-D played with awesome attacking skills and seemed to be everywhere throughout the whole game, when he was playing defence he hustled for the ball and past it forward to his mid players perfectly. The rain didn't dampen the team’s spirit and Black Magic were unlucky not to win against a very good and competitive team.



Upper Hutt Silverstix vs Hutt United Tornadoes

Lost: Drew 5-5. Silverstix met Hutt United Tornadoes for the second time, playing in pretty tough conditions with rain and wind. Tornadoes took an early lead, helped out by one of Silverstix' players who showed great sportsmanship and stepped in when the Tornadoes were short a player to start, then scored two goals within the first 5 minutes! Silverstix had to battle to get through Tornadoes' tight defense and managed to edge ahead in the second half, but Tornadoes fought back and at full time the score was even - 5-5. Player of the day went to Layton.


Hutt Mini Sticks 3 & 4 Development 

Upper Hutt Super Sticks vs Hutt United Blasters

Result: Won 6-5. UH Super Sticks won 6-5 again Hutt United Blasters. It was a really close game, in blustery conditions. Our team played really well together with some great passing and work. Our goals were scored by Liam, Tova and Fletcher. It was a real team effort but player of the day went to Ruby as she got really stuck in and did some great blocks and passes. 


Upper Hutt Goldstix vs Hutt United Bullets

Result: Lost 2-6. It was another early Saturday morning, this time no ice but lots of rain and wind to battle through. The other team were short when we started so one of our kids jumped over to help them out until there last player turned up. About 10 mintues in, our player came back to us :) It was a great game, the kids played their little hearts out. Calling for the ball, looking into space so they could pass it to someone. We lost 6-2 but they never gave up! Played Hutt United Bullets, we lost 6-2, POD Sam G

Upper Hutt Mighty Maroons vs Wainuiomata Dynamites

Result: Lost 3-5. The Mighty Maroons played Wainuiomata today. We were lucky to have all our team members and Auroras sister, Yasmin, to umpire. Wainui won the ball and the game started. The Mighty Maroons played a defensive gave with Wainui strong on attack. 3 unanswer goals from Wanui and it was almost  half time. The Mighty Maroons fought hard and scored their 1st goal of the game. At halftime we talked about keeping our sticks down and running to the ball. The second half was a more even game with a disallowed goal for the Maroons followed by a two goals from Wainui and one from the Maroons. Final score was 5-3 to Wainui. POD was Deacon 



Senior Club Game Results

Game 8- Competition Round 1, 7/8 July 2018

Massive shout out to our R1 Men who had an even better result this weekend - well done lads, hard work paying off! Our R2 Woman unfortunately didn't get to play due to Kapiti defaulting which was a bit disappointing but also a blessing in disguise due to the wonderfully wet weather we had this weekend. I'm sure our players would agree, that aspect wasn't much fun. Have a look at the Memorable Mentions and results for all our senior teams below: 


Results 78 july 18


Memorable Mentions


P2 Men: P2 Warriors: draw 3-3 against Northern. Gutsy effort from the lads today in torrential 110+km winds and rain pouring down all game. Was a tough game with passing needing to be short or over the top. Some huge efforts from everyone and a big result for the team. Memorable mention has to go to Vaughan though who at 3-3 makes a huge stop off a stroke nonetheless. 


P3 Woman:  A much better game against Hutt United than when we played them last time.  Some great passing this week and hunger in the goal circle.  MM goes to Eleanor who returned for the first time since breaking her collarbone at the start of the season.


P3.2 Woman:  With both our head honchoes away, I have been delegated to write up the Memorable Mention for this week. I have a few MM for this week. Though playing and trying to remember all the great things that went on can be tricky but fortunately there is one particular moment that really isn't hard to remember, and that was Kezza's goal...for the opposition! It was a great goal, nice deflect into the top of the goal and at least we got one goal this game (hehe). But our real Memorable Mentions go to the supporters who stuck it out through the torrential rain and supported us - it was honestly awesome to you all there, to our fill in coach Nicky (coaches the top woman's team) and to our wonderful fill in goalies Catherine Catherine Gillatt who did an amazing job and fantastic saves. Thank you everyone :) 

R1 Men: We finally won a game! What a game it was. MM goes to Blair for missing an open goal post shot - doh! But more importantly everyone really stepped up and played as a team and we got the win we have been hunting.


R2 Woman:  We got defaulted to this week - stay tuned for next week.


R3 Men:  Memorable moment: Being charged by the goalie during a penalty stroke! Thankfully the goal counted so we didn’t have to take it again. Bizarre! Also, a well done to the defensive team (Aaron, Matt, Paul, Harrison and Robert) who kept Karori scoreless.


Play hard

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Update 05/07/18

Club Events and Important Info

Have you checked out the WHA Holiday programme's for this Term 2 School Holidays:


Years 3-6:

Under 13 and 15:


Games this weekend

We have another fantastic stellar line up at Maidstone - but this week we have 7 teams playing from 8am. Check out all our teams weekends schedules below, grab a hot chocolate and come and cheer the teams on.


Hope you all a lovely weekend!



Senior Club Games

Game 8- Competition Round 1, 7/8 July 2018

The weekends Senior games come and cheer them on. Play hard but play fair!


Saturday 7th July.

P3 Woman

11:15 at Maidstone vs Hutt United 4W 


P3 Woman.2

12:45 at Maidstone vs Victoria Uni 4W


R2 Woman 

14:15 at Maidstone vs Kapiti 5W


Sunday 8th July.

R3 Men

11:15 at Maidstone vs Karori 4M



14:30 at NHS 3 vs Harbour City 4M


P2 Men

16.30 at NHS 2 vs Northern United 2M



Junior Club Games

Saturday 7th July 2018

The weekends Junior games come and cheer them on. Play hard but play fair!


Kwik Sticks Year 7 & 8 P1 Boys

11:00 at Kapiti vs Kapiti


Kiwi Sticks Year 5 & 6 Premier

08:00 at NHS 2A vs Pauatahanui Falcons


Hutt Kiwi Sticks 5 & 6 Development 

Upper Hutt Black Magic

08:45 at Maidstone A vs Hutt United Hurricanes


Upper Hutt Black Silverstix

08:45 at Maidstone B vs Hutt United Tornadoes


Hutt Mini Sticks 3 & 4 Development 

Upper Hutt Super Sticks

8:00 at Fraser A vs Hutt United Blasters


Upper Hutt Goldstix

8:00 at Maidstone B vs Hutt United Bullets


Upper Hutt Mighty Maroons

8:00 at Maidstone A vs Wainuiomata Dynamites




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Update 02/07/18

Junior Club Game Results

30 June 2018

Here are the results of our Junior Club games from the weekend:


Kwik Sticks Year 7 & 8 P1 Boys

Upper Hutt vs Tawa

Result: Drew 2-2. The P1 year 7/8 boys played Tawa again this week and their opponents were keen to prove themselves after last week's 2/0 win to Upper Hutt. Both teams played strong positions which made it an exciting game to watch. Tawa scored two goals in the first half and coordinated play in the circle in the second half led to Upper Hutt goals scored by Samuel F and Jacob A. The final result was a two all draw, which the Upper Hutt boys were extremely satisfied with!


Kiwi Sticks Year 5 & 6 Premier

Upper Hutt vs Karori Ackerley

Result: Lost 1-10.


Hutt Kiwi Sticks 5 & 6 Development 

Upper Hutt Black Magic vs Hutt United Tornadoes

Result: Won 7-2. Black Magic had a wonderful game against Hutt United Tornadoes with a 7-2 win. We all enjoyed the warmer start and the kids seemed to of had more energy this week. Again we focused on passing the ball through the field and everybody getting involved. This again seemed to of worked because Lucas C/O, Jamie G , Lucas C, Izzy S/L and Spencer scoring a goal each and Aiden C scoring 2 goals. We could not decide one POD so we gave out 3. Lucas C/O, Jamie G and
Spencer S for awesomeness through out the game. This team has had a great season so far and we are looking forward continuing our fantastic run of form.


Upper Hutt  Silverstix vs Hutt United Hurricanes

Lost: Won 5-0. Silverstix played Hutt United Hurricanes. It was an intense game, and again Silverstix had to get creative with their plays to edge past the Hutt team's defense, which was very strong. Silverstix showed great determination and teamwork to win the game 5-0. Coach Cameron awarded player of the day to Alex.


Hutt Mini Sticks 3 & 4 Development 

Upper Hutt Super Sticks vs Hutt United Pirates

Result: Lost 4-8. Though the UH Super Sticks lost to the Pirates - Fletcher got 2 goals and Liam got 2 goals. By the sounds of it, it was a tough game but the team did well!


Upper Hutt Goldstix vs Hutt United Sliders

Result: Won 3-2. Another chilly start to our Saturday morning but at least the turf wasn't white 😊 The other team were meant to be down 1 player so we would do rolling subs with ours to make it fair but it turned out that they were short 2. 1 of our kids very kindly  offered to play for the other team which was great so we all could play. Was a fantastic game, kids all ran around like loonies and had heaps of fun. They are all getting more involved now which i love seeing. It was a close game, we won 3-2 against Hutt United Sliders, POD Jamie H

Upper Hutt Mighty Maroons vs Hutt United Bullets

Result: Lost 4-6. Another cold 8am start at Fraser Park for the Mighty Maroons this weekend.  We started our warm up by practicing some passing drills to help us score goals.  We were sort of players and were thankful Tova was able to help us out.  The game started and our warm up passing worked a treat.  The ball was taking up the sideline passed into the goal circle to the waiting playing resulting in the 1st goal of the game.  The Hutt United team fought hard but the back were able to stop the ball passing it out wide.  There was a lot of strong passing between both teams both fighting to control the ball.  The Mighty Maroons scored another goal which Hutt United replied to with 2 goals before half time.  Our halftime talk reminded the Maroons they could dribble the ball and must stop the ball before passing for better ball control.  The Maroons were feeling really tired with no subs they played on.  Hutt United were gifted 2 goals by the Maroons in the second half and the score was 4 all.  There was 2 minutes to go and Hutt United ran away with the ball scoring 2 goals before the final whistle.  I am super proud of the Mighty Maroons for never giving up.  Even though they were tired in the 2nd half and the sun was in their eyes, they tried their hardest for the full 40 minutes.  The final score was 6-4.  Player of the Day was Tova, who came to Fraser to help us out (her team was playing at Maidstone) and played and amazing game.



Senior Club Game Results

Game 7- Competition Round 1, 30 June /01 July 2018

Our Senior teams had a bit of a tough weekend this weekend but the R1 Men were pretty stoked with their result. Have a look at the Memorable Mentions and results for all our senior teams below: 


results 30 june 01 july

Memorable Mentions


P2 Men: P2 Warriors lost 3-1 to Tawa 1. In wet dreary, windy Wellington conditions the boys were a bit slow off the mark in the first half. Big turn around in the second half and stringing more passes together and holding the ball for longer periods of time saw them close the gap. A few errors cost us goals and in the end, we just couldn't claw them back. Memorable Mention goes to all 13 of the guys who turned up and got absolutely drenched but played their guts out nonetheless.


P3 Woman:  We lost 4-0. It was first place vs second place on the table this weekend.  Not the result we wanted but lots of learnings came out of the game.  MM goes to Nic this week who subbed on during the first half and came running back to the dugout 20 secs later as she had picked up the wrong stick.


P3.2 Woman:  The P3.2 women played at home this week against Kapiti. We changed it up a bit this week and it definitely looks very promising, we didn't come away with the win but it was a hard fought game with defenders keeping us in reach throughout the match. Unfortunately our goalie Lisa is going on holiday for 3 weeks but we wish her a great trip and we are excited about Catherine Catherine Gillatt filling in for us and she is ecstatic about coming to training each week. NOT!!

R1 Men: Drew 3-3 and it is very nice to not say lost for a change! MM goes to Casey who had to deal with an "interesting" opponent - things got a bit argy-bargy but Casey handled it well. It is a shame that this one opponent felt the need to embellish the event to their mum BUT safe to say that is not what Upper Hutt is about. The rest of Karori were great to play.


R2 Woman:  Much better game this week - all on board though still strugging with the new grade.  3-1 loss to Wainuiomata.  MM goes to Ang Browne who came along despite being sick all week and with a suspected hamstring injury - thanks - it was great to have you there!!!


R3 Men:  BYE this week - stay tuned for next week.


Play hard

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