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Update 15/07/19

Club Events and Important Info


Senior Club Day  - Sunday 21st 2019


We have our annual Senior Club Day event with all six of our Senior teams playing back to back at home (Maidstone Turf in Upper Hutt). Each team will host their opposition after the game with some yummy post game snacks and a player of the day drink. Please come down and join in the festivities, cheer on our teams and get amongst this great event!


UHHC Club Day flyer 2019


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Update 04/07/19

Club Events and Important Info


Junior Club Game Update - Saturday 29th 2019

Juniors Hockey Score Results 29 june 19 2








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Update 26/06/19

Club Events and Important Info



Upper Hutt Club Night June 2019

Club Night June 2019





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Update 1/04/19

Club Events and Important Info


New Rules effective from 1 January 2019:

The Internation Hockey Federation (FIH) have updated the Rules of Hockey, an umpire briefing of the updated rules can be found here Hockey NZ New Rules - effective 1st January 2019 


Wellington Hockey (WHA) are implenting some of the rules and we thought we would do a summary to help everyone - thanks to our umpire extraordinaire Kerry Scannell who has also kindly offered to take the teams through these new rules if needed. In a nutshell, here are the new rules being applied in 2019 by WHA: 

* All Premier grade games (P1 to P3) are moving to quarters – four x 17 minute quarters. There will be a 2 minute break between 1st and 2nd quarters, then a 5 minute break at half time when the teams also swap sides, then a 2 minute break between 3rd and 4th quarters. Reserve grade games remain at 2 x 35 minute halves.

* Players acting as substitute goalies no longer have goal-keeping privileges. Effectively they become an 11th field player.

* For attacking free hits within 5 metres of the circle:

  • ALL players must be at least 5 metres from the ball
  • UNLESS the attacking team takes the free hit immediately, then defenders within the circle can shadow the player if they are already less than 5 metres away (same as the 2018 rule).

* If an attacker breaks during a PC the ball injector is sent back to half way – not the offending player.

* For a PC at the end of a period, the rule that if the ball goes outside the circle twice the PC is over no longer applies.

* It is now ok to wear a face mask if the player is immediately taking a defender’s free hit awarded during a PC IF they are passing to another player.

* Defending team can now take a free hit in the circle anywhere or up to 15 metres from the back line in line with where the ball went out.


Senior Season

EXCITING NEWS...our Senior teams have their first games this weekend, we wish them well for their first games and look forward to seeing our teams in action this season, we think we have six fantastic senior teams ready to play really good hockey :)




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Update 14/03/19

Club Events and Important Info

Senior Preseason Club Day - THIS SUNDAY (17th March)


Game Day Schedule:

  • R2.1 Men vs Kapiti 11am
  • P2 Woman vs Kapiti 12 noon
  • P2 Men vs Tawa 1pm
  • R1 Woman vs Kapiti 2pm 


Also a reminder that all our Senior players need to be registered by the 23rd of March - your club captains will be making contact with those who haven't registered yet. Head over through this link to complete your registration :) 




Junior Fun Day - Sunday 24th March


We are hosting an Upper Hutt Hockey Fun Day for our Juniors, everyone welcome! We will be running fun activities for our Junior players, new through to experienced. It is a perfect opportunity to come and have a go. There will be a sausage sizzle and a lucky player prize draw


We are also looking for volunteers to help us on the day, help show how fun hockey can be for our future players. Please get in contact here - let us know how and what you can help with.


Look forward to seeing you all there, it will be a FUN DAY!





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